Boxing: Dickinson wins the English Cruiserweight title

John-Lewis Dickinson fulfilled the suspicions of those cute judges who felt he may have the qualities required to upset Matty Askin for the English Cruiserweight title tonight, defeating the champion by unanimous decision. The bout provided chief support to Anthony Crolla’s British Lightweight clash with Derry Mathews.

Highly anticipated, the clash lived up to expectations on the whole, though Askin didn’t prove a stationary target during the opening half of the fight and was clearly jaded from around the fourth round. he was unable to adapt and change the dynamic of the fight tot he disappointment of trainer Bob Shannon who threatened to pull him out if he didn’t find some momentum in the 7th.

In the eighth he found two excellent uppercuts but neither changed the direction of the bout. Dickinson deserves enormous credit for his conditioning, discipline and execution of his successful tactics. It never quite became the classic it was believed to have the potential to become but few would begrudge or ignore a rematch were it made. A rough-house final round couldn’t change the course of the fight for the younger man.

Ricky Hatton, who directs Askin’s career may look for a rebuilding fight before pitting him in again at title level. He will be better for the experience of 10 rounds, .

Dickinson always led off first, landed the straight shots and blocked most of Askin’s winging hooks on the gloves and arms. It was a disciplined performance that deserved the decision he secured. The Prizefighter champion becomes English Champion and thoroughly deserved. Frank Maloney will enjoy matching him with that belt too.

Judges scored the fight:

1 Steve Gray 98-93

2 Ian John Lewis 97-93

3 John Keane 97-93

For the record I had it 98-93 to John-Lewis Dickinson.



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