M’Baye pulls out, Lauri says no; McCloskey still waiting

LauriPaul McCloskey is still looking for an opponent following the withdrawal of Frenchman Souleymane M’Baye – the former WBA Light-Welterweight champion – from their European title fight next week. The shopping list of potential opponents is seemingly rich, with many of the possible domestic replacements in the gym ahead of the Prizefighter 140 pound tournament next month. One fighter who wont be answering the call is EBU #4 Light-Welterweight Giuseppe Lauri. The Italian, who has the rare distinction of having fought Ricky Hatton and Junior Witter, couldn’t make 10 stone in a week. [Update available]

EBU140SEPT09Despite Giuseppe’s broken English the message was pretty clear.

“Ciao! I can not make weight and money are few…in December, are available!”

Of whom I’ve only seen Daws and Tolppola fight, the later has fought in the United Kingdom before in losing efforts to David Barnes (also in Prizefighter) and former European champion Colin Lynes.

As the graphic (left) shows it is a healthy list of candidates. I spoke yesterday with Ajose Olusegun #5, who is still waiting a rearrangement of his WBC final eliminator fight.

As I mention my experience of the other remain candidates is low, but Finish fighter Tolppola wouldn’t surprise me.

Barry Morrison, Colin Lynes and Gavin Rees have the forthcoming Prizefighter event on the horizon but would all surely be tempted by the fight if they were on, or close to weight, subject to the purse of course. Hatton and Witter can be discounted for obvious reasons, Hatton is far removed from this level and Witter has set his sites on the Welterweight class too. Leaving Vladimir Kravets, Denis Shafikov, Willy Blain, Lenny Daws, Juho Tolppola, Sergei Fedchenko and Brunet Zamora.

Of who I’ve only see Daws and Tolppola fight, the later has fought in the United Kingdom before in losing efforts to Barnes and Lynes.




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