Insatiable Figueroa rocks IT!

elgatoFor those who have succumbed to the phenomenon of Facebook or its instant contemporary Twitter and opted to ask Francisco “El Gato” Figueroa for friendship the Light-Welterweight is a constant companion. Such is his thirst for improvement his march toward world-championship fights has its own tag-line “Can’t Stop, Wont Stop” and should further assurance that El Gato is serious in the adoption of this mantra be required, it is helpfully adorned by the suffix, “Not a saying, a movement”. Miguel Cotto is the latest to get in the way.

Now El Gato, so named as he proved the only gym member willing to play with a cat who wandered in, is a devotee of viral marketing and his punishing schedule of online updates is surpassed only by his appetite for self-improvement. Today’s update told of his disappointment at his run time, included details of his troublesome sparring with 6-2 Rashad Holloway and likely, though I forget, tried to inspire his private training students.

Somehow, despite the tedium of his Blackberry software reviews I have yet to tire of hearing of his latest updates. Few capitalise on these new medium better, if fact nobody does it better and though his own success story ran into stoppage defeat at the hands of Randall Bailey last year, I remain intrigued by his career. His blitz approach to nano-news has me hooked.

I’ve tuned into his sparring with Ashley Theophane, the pond-hopping Welterweight and I’ve looked at the pictures of his devotees in El Gato T-shirts from around the globe, so my fondness for him is not without precedent.

The news he was to offer Miguel Cotto his own facsimile of Pacquiao’s fighting style struck me as entirely plausible and would be an opportunity El Gato would relish. He did. A little too much it would seem.

Cotto sent him home. Amid accusations of “clowning”. Now there is a man who isn’t on El Gato’s Facebook or Twitter lists, “clowning”. Are you insane?

This guy updated me at 3.30 am on Friday to relay he couldn’t sleep due to his fight mood.

Suffice to say El Gato had plenty to say. He told should you want to read Cotto’s version of events well and truly straightened out.

It is a movement, not a saying after all.



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