Silent Assassin Nuumbembe back on track

namibian-flagNamibian Welterweight Ali Nuumbembe became something of an iconic figure during his six years in the hilltops of Derbyshire. His wandering life story, from war torn Africa to sleepy Glossop warmed the hearts of the entire town and all those who met him. His return to Namibia didn’t bring to an end his fighting career and I’m pleased to report Ali added his 21st victory to his professional slate over the weekend.

It was his first fight since losing to Bongani Mwelase for the barely recognised WBF Welterweight crown, a title so peripheral even the little known Mwelase failed to make weight by a clear 5 pounds. Ali being Ali went through with the bout, but was stopped in 7 rounds. On Saturday he regrouped against regular loser Moses Mbowane. 5-10-1 (1) with a 5th round stoppage win, a short notice opponent following the withdrawal of scripted foe Livingston Kachigwada of Zimbabwe – a fight slated for the WBO African Welterweight title until Kachingwada was ruled out on, as yet, undefined medical grounds.

The Namibian carries more detail of the fight card.


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