Jennings v Cotto; Setanta coverage unconfirmed

JenningsTo many, this fight is of little less than passing interest. Miguel Cotto predictably rebuilding from his shattering loss to Antonio Margarito with a regulation comeback fight against Michael Jennings – a fighter with a pretty record and precious little experience at elite level. Its an industry standard tactic for the Puerto Rican Welterweight. However, to me the fight holds far more appeal.

I recognise Jennings is a huge underdog and I recognise Cotto is unlikely to leave room for error as he seeks to regroup in a Welterweight division re-aligned following Margarito’s own humbling to Shane Mosley, but Jennings is such an earnest professional I will be cheering for him far more than I did his illustrious contemporaries Calzaghe and Hatton who travelled to the States recently. But only if Setanta and Warren can resolve their differences and show the fight.

The idea of the fight not being live is hard to accept for those who recognise Jennings dedication and integrity, particularly as Setanta had been gleefully promoting the fight alongside the Kelly Pavlik v Rubio bout on the same night for several weeks. A tremendous double bill; two outstanding American talents on the comeback trail. However, it would seem the otherwise beautiful plans have hit the buffers, with even Setanta’s own Steve Bunce unsure whether the bout would be televised as recently as yesterday. One assumes the Jennings fight is affording Frank Warren some additional leverage on his plans for the trio of Amateur stars he recently signed.

Relations between Warren and Setanta have been strained since Joe Calzaghe left the Warren stable and still appeared on the up and coming satellite network.


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