Jamie Moore now set for shot at vacated title

Few announcements could be met with more glee. Salford’s likable Light-Middleweight contender Jamie Moore has today learned European Champion Zaurbek Baysangurov has relinquished the crown rather than fulfil his obligation to Moore. In a brief release from the Frank Maloney camp, it would appear more likely that the new bout will land on English shores.

For reference, the EBU 154 pound rankings present the following possibilities; Ryan Rhodes #12, Bradley Pryce #5, Michael Piccirillo #1 and Anthony Small #19 among others. Promotional difficulties would scupper a Pryce fight one would assume and it is likely Piccirillo would be offered first refusal at the vacant belt.

The withdrawal of Zaurbek Baysangurov adds further mystery to the multiple postponements which caused Internet sleuths to suspect the motives of virtually every party other than Moore himself. Of singular importance is the haste with which the new fight is brokered and the focus Moore applies to his new opponent. It will heart-breaking for his many fans, and the fighter, if he gets this close and then fails to the last hurdle.



JAMIE MOORE will now fight for the vacant European light-middleweight title after Zaurbek Baysangurov dramatically gave up the title.

Purse bids for their showdown were due to be opened in Rome this morning, but just minutes before the Russian ducked out of fighting Jamie.

Salford’s Moore will now face the next available contender and his team expect that to be Italy’s former IBF welterweight and European light-middleweight champion Michele Piccirillo.

Promoter Frank Maloney said: “We were confident of winning the purse bids, but Baysangurov was not confident of coming to England.

“Jamie was more than willing to go to Germany or Russia. That shows his fighting heart.

“We are now waiting for the EBU to name the next contender in rankings and we will enter a short period of private negotiations before the fight goes to purse offers.

“I’m confident that Jamie will get his chance in England, hopefully before the end of November.”


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