The incomparable Steve Bunce ‘goes off on one’

I didn’t catch Calderon’s recent fight, a weekend at the Setanta-less parents house can do that to you, which means I missed a good fight and old Buncey sticking it to the ambitious Dougie Fischer. Fischer, best known to the marauding Internet boxing fan as the face of was doing a passable impression of David Ruffin in Sonny Liston’s best suit, a reference for the older reader, as he interviewed Ivan Calderon about his future prospects. The irrepressible Buncey didn’t let Fischer’s performance go unchallenged.

Classic Steve Bunce. And while I wholeheartedly agree with his comments about British commentators Jim Watt, Richie Woodhall and John Rawling there are times when I long for the bygone days of Carpenter and Gutteridge. For every Rawling, there is an Adam Smith.

“That was garbage!”

One can only assume, the reference to “purists” is a veiled attack at Internet fans for whom Fischer is a default representative. I’ve yet to read if Fischer has responded. I’d back big Buncey over 4×2’s.

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