Video: Amir Khan mimicks Judah’s ‘chicken dance’

Seeing Amir Khan laid out like a flat-packed bookcase on Saturday, with his head propped against the ring post in the style of a teenager watching Batman re-runs on the portable reminded me of one of the first times he came to the public’s attention. Coincidentally, he was mimicking the Zab Judah inspired ‘chicken’ dance he show-cased when hit by a Prescott punch on Saturday following a less formidable left-hook from Craig Watson back in the Amateurs.

Although preciously brief, the video enclosed shows just how little improvement there has been in Amir Khan’s ability to sense impending shots and to hold their weight sufficiently to stop his feet auditioning for River Dance. The similarities between the two knockdowns/knockouts are so striking it only serves to add further weight to the question; what has Khan and his phalanx of associates been working on these past four years?

It may just be Khan is cursed with an inability to take a shot. Another boxing adage laments the fact you cannot put muscles on a chin. You either can or cannot take a punch. Khan clearly cannot and one wonders how the vast holes in his defence have remained untouched despite 18 professional contests and countless hours of instruction considering the calamitous effects of a shot getting through.

Is Khan a poor trainer, one unable to adapt, learn and improve or a fighter so convinced by his own PR that he genuinely believes he simply has to hit the other guy and the fight is over? I don’t think Khan has demonstrated knockout power either, he’s overwhelmed over-matched opponents with flurries and he’s stopped some previously game practitioners but he’s not cold-cocked anyone with a single punch.

In light of Saturday it would be easy to completely deconstruct Khan’s entire style, but the 4-second flash of footage here provides substance to the overwhelming instinct that the former Olympic medalist has failed to build on his natural gifts. He hasn’t improved and on reflection, Frank Warren – for all his critics – has been trying to tell him that publicly, via veiled references, for a long time.

If the echo of his Amateur knockdown, a significant factor in the timing of his move to the professional ranks, isn’t enough – his slow progress, lack of improvement and ultimate exposure also has echos of preceding Olympic medalist, Audley Harrison. For all the fan-fare, neither have yet shown the required fortitude to elevate themselves beyond a domestic scene they’ve both worked hard to avoid.

Like Williams and Sprott for Harrison, mess’s John Murray and Jon Thaxton would both salivate at the opportunities to land Khan offers every opponent and both would have the confidence, technique and power to capitalise.


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3 thoughts on “Video: Amir Khan mimicks Judah’s ‘chicken dance’

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  1. Agreed Too Fast, it was a cheap, scathing attack and yes I offered Prescott precious little respect in the run up. I’d assumed he’d been chosen by Frank Warren and am incredulous that the veteran promoter should allow his most exalted charge to be risked without due diligence.

    I suspect he’s had precious little leverage in recent times. Khan can come again, but four years on I thought it timely to remind ourselves of the mistakes he was making as a pup in the Ams.

    And there were, I think you’ll agree, uncanny similarities – suggesting to me, that the improvements you seek are unlikely to arrive. Khan may, or may not, have failed his talent but ultimately, four years in he his some distance behind the form line one would expect.

    As for the “spiteful” comments, I was simply trying to be descriptive and though they may seem crass but I’ve already afforded several paragraphs to discussing his multitude of flaws.

    Thanks for the comments though, opinion is always welcomed.


  2. Thats quite a vicious attack from the site that downplayed any chance prescott had of even causing trouble with a somehow unworthy record and refused to pay(as stated). In fact the fight just proves that Amir Khans flaws have been blown up and how much cowardly(and unpatriotic) hate there was from British fans under the rocks prior. Look at the fight again, you will see Amir not being outboxed but getting caught with a punch that wld knock most lightweights out. Amir’s problem is not chin( you cant add muscle to it but you can avoid the shots in the first place), its clearly his boxing brain. He does not think or involve any boxing strategy, what was he thinking 1st round on the inside with a lead uppercut. He has relied so much on speed and flash that he has not had to use his brain, he either needs to make his moves/reflexes even faster or watch some of the legends who had to resort to outhinking their near physical equals and spa with highclass opponents. At 21, how can any one write him off, this could easily wake him up and lead improvment in a potentialy great career.Stick with actual flaws not spiteful comments about batman and teenagers e.t.c….Regards


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