Video of Amir Khan foe Breidis Prescott in action

I’ll not be indulging SKY next month, there is no hope what so ever of the satellite broadcaster’s flashy advertising campaigns convincing me that Amir Khan is a PPV attraction. Nor will I succumb to the overt and subliminal suggestion his opponent, Colombian Breidis Prescott, is a foe of such brilliance that to miss the PPV could mean I miss Khan being beaten.

Sports Network and Frank Warren fighters, which are two separate entities it would seem, never lose to imported South Americans – and lucrative cash cow Amir Khan is unlikely to break that tradition on his PPV debut.

In anticipation of a hosts of examples of this phenomenon, Warren fighters losing to imported opponents, being duly pointed out to me I’ve tried to contemplate the last time a SN/FW headliner lost a show-topping bout. Hatton, Calzaghe, Scot Harrison, Matt Skelton, Kevin Mitchell, Amir Khan, Johnny Nelson. Perhaps Harrison’s loss to Medina? Its a rare occurrence.

A brief two rounds of action is all YouTube has to offer and though they show Prescott is a competent young fighter, they also show a man who doesn’t throw straight punches, and is wide open to fast counters when he lets his own wide hooks go. He doesn’t appear to have a great deal of lateral movement either. The video below is of his most recent contest, his first venture out of Colombia and a 10-round win by Split-Decision against Richard Abril.

Installed as a prohibitive 1/20 favourite with some bookmakers, I would imagine only Tyson v McNeeley or Tyson v Douglas perhaps, could claim such lopsided odds for a PPV show, Khan is likely to prove too fast for the Colombian. I appreciate 2 rounds is precious little to judge upon. But it failed to weaken my resolve.

Obviously, SKY will seek to find an angle and in their first production on the lanky Colombian, they focused on his gritty, spartan existence and the presumed hunger it engenders referencing fellow countryman Ricardo Torres’ place on the roster of former inhabitants of Prescott’s gym. There were certainly similarities between Prescott and Torres offence, but it will be Prescott’s 6ft 1frame that will catch the eye – his long slender body will not have gone unnoticed by Khan and his new trainer.


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7 thoughts on “Video of Amir Khan foe Breidis Prescott in action

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  1. Jack.

    Absolutely. never let it be said that I can’t stick my hand up when I get it wrong.

    Still incredulous that Warren would allow his golden egg to be fried like that on the recommendation of a coach from Cuba.

    Amazing. Such a departure from his usual methods. He must be cursing the lack of control he’s exerted here.


  2. Yep, amazing how much clearer things are in hindsight, how much more of a man Prescott looked than the still boyish Khan.

    Prescott looked mean and menacing and proved to be. Khan looked glitzy and proved as shallow as the shine on his shoes, and his shots.


  3. Yeah I’ll certainly agree with you on the PPV issue, there were few that desired to pay to see Khan when it wasn’t for a world title… Unfortunately or fortunately (which ever way you see it) I paid for the fight and we literally paid for it as it started, so you can imagine the dismay when half of the lads who were still in the kitchen fetching drinks to settle down for the night ended having their night cut short along with Khans invisibility. For me I’m a lover of Khans speed, but I’ve always been unsure of his chin, his build is slim and his neck tells the tail of a quick and punishing boxer that could easily be found out by a good shot. With this his 4th time on the canvass I wonder what it will do to a fighter of his age. Not that I had much knowledge of Prescott I certainly admit that he looked quick and agile in training; something remarked upon by the commentator post the bout. Khan did rush in to a heavy hitter, and with a 75 + percent knockout ratio of his opponents I was very concerned with Prescott ability to knock Khan out. Fighters who have such a high ratio must always been monitored closely. Not to be one to blow my own trumpet but as they walked to the ring I said to one of the lads (who is also a boxing enthusiast and even more so than me) that I though Prescott could win, he agreed. Prescott is a fighter not a boxer, and for me that is always an unpredictable and dangerous place to be for the opponent, Tyson was the same, a fearless fighter and sometimes it takes a very good and patient boxer to win these kind of contest.


  4. Steph,

    Too true, too true. I’m somewhat lifted by the fact better judges than me, Graham Houston is one, who saw precious little in Prescott to suggest he could do that to Khan.

    And while everyone can point to the flaws Khan has, I don’t think anyone really believed he would fight so naively. He really was awful.

    If you’re a fan of Prescott and knew more than I, congratulations.

    Whichever way you cut it, the card still didn’t merit a PPV tag and if the rumours of Khan demanding between £500-650,000 to fight on for Warren, then he arguably deserved a rude awakening.

    As a friend of mine, Bobby Vanzie, commented, “he will never be the same again”.

    Thanks for visiting.


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