Golota v Briggs in Poland?

Polish boxing site, www.boxingnews.pl, is reporting colourful heavyweight veterans Andrew Golota and Shannon Briggs are set to clash in October on the under-card of Tomasz Adamek‘s next fight. My Polish is a little rusty, i.e. non-existent but that seems to be the thrust of the piece. Its an intriguing contest and while of only peripheral significance to the main heavyweight picture, Golota is never more than one knockout away from a world-title shot.

The two veterans, arguably best remembered for their defeats as much as their victories, are at similar stages of their career and with precious little to offer the mainstream heavyweights a match-up between the two could make commercial sense. Golota remains an attraction and the curiosity factor of the two facing off should tickle the interest of a broad church of boxing fans.


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2 thoughts on “Golota v Briggs in Poland?

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  1. I’ve always admired your commitment to boxing, David, but trawling Polish websites for news is surely beyond the call of duty.

    That site also seems to mention that Oleg Maskaev is fighting in Moscow soon. One in the eye for those who were sure he’d be Haye’s next opponent, eh?


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