The Fighter: Brad Pitt Steps in

NearywardReports today suggest the much discussed Micky Ward film, The Fighter, has had a major cast change. Originally, Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon were widely expected to fulfil the roles of Ward (Wahlberg) and half brother Dickie Eklund (Damon), sadly scheduling problems with other projects mean Damon – who’s popularity has soared since the Jason Bourne series – is no longer able to appear.

The story will cover the period before Ward found fame in the Gatti trilogy, featuring Eklund’s drug problems and culminating in Ward’s clash with Shea Neary for the ‘world-title’. It will be interesting to see who is cast as the popular Neary and how much artistic licence is applied to the legitimacy of the ‘world title’ he held.

Brad Pitt is obviously a capable stand in and has history, of sorts, as a fighter on screen; famously knocking out Scott Welch in the Guy Ritchie film, Snatch and as the principle character in Fight Club.

Paramount are behind the film, and earlier this year there were rumours Martin Scorsese had been approached to direct.

5 thoughts on “The Fighter: Brad Pitt Steps in

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  1. Well-written stuff, sir. Just discovered your site.

    Wahlberg’s as good as it gets, probably, for Ward. I’d rather see a guy with a real boxer’s face, the kind Ward has, but then I guess Hollywood isn’t much populated by that type.


  2. Wahlberg is clearly the man for the job.. Im over Pitt. Maybe it was just too many issues of People Magazine. But I think Wahlberg would do an outstanding job.


  3. Ward must be chuffed to have Pitt playing him. I’m also set for a move into movies myself, playing the lead role in a biopic of Robert Redford’s younger days.


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