Boxing: American heavyweight hope Kevin Johnson wins

GrantThe American quest to find a legitimate heavyweight champion continues, last night Atlanta’s Kevin Johnson took another step toward contendership with victory over Damian Wills in a ten round bout. According to Marc Abrams at, Johnson appeared eager to please the attendant crowd. 

Certainly, aspiring contenders should be acutely aware of the financial gain of securing status as their country’s principle hope in the division. The preceding crop of young fighters, notably Dominic Guinn and Calvin Brock, failed to inspire or excite the American fans who will presumably find it hard to believe they’re still reliant on good old Evander Holyfield to salvage some national pride.

The Americans, after all, usually dominate the most prestigious division; from Sullivan to Dempsey, Louis, Marciano, Ali and Tyson – the current absence of a good American heavyweight is a rare phenomenon. Johnson joins Chazz Witherspoon and Eddie Chambers at the head of the next generation of big men from the USA, and though all have merit, Russian Alexander Povetkin remains the most exciting prospect on the scene.

Chambers’ potential will be subjected to the sharpest scrutiny soon, as one of the combatants in the forthcoming IBF eliminator tournament with Povetkin, Chris Byrd and the aforementioned Brock.

Meanwhile Witherspoon, a cousin of former champion Terrible Tim Witherspoon is staying busy but being built more slowly.

For the record, Johnson won over ten rounds by wide margins and rarely looked troubled once Wills’ brisk start in the opener had been quelled.

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