Is Oscar really coming to little old Blighty?

Twin TowersThey say the world is shrinking, I’m not sure who ‘they’ are, but they have something to say on most topics and they believe we’ve all grown closer. Travel and communication technology makes everyone your neighbour, or a MySpace pal at the very least, but I never thought the world could grow so small that Oscar DeLaHoya, the most bankable star in boxing, would be seeking to fight in England. Tired, rainy, downtrodden old England?

From Hatton’s whimsical comments to the press about facing the Golden Boy to this week’s remarks from Oscar that he regards Hatton as his preferred choice for the annual deposit in the GBP coffers next year, the prospect of the two biggest cash cows in world boxing actually meeting grows more likely by the day.

Perhaps the new Wembley, in all its resplendent glory has a big part to play in the credibility of the story. The disbelief I feel is probably as much to do with my own dank, dark memories of the famous old stadium. Imagining 80,000 boxing fans trudging around in two inches of sloshing urine or wandering up the dilapidated Wembley way was a picture I couldn’t muster. Frankly, Wembley, in the glare of the modern stadiums around the globe, felt like a weary sepia photograph. Worn and old fashioned it didn’t feel like the type of venue capable of hosting the largest boxing gate since Julio Cesar Chavez played pied piper to 100,000 Mexicans.

Maybe I just need to visit the new stadium to dispel my memories of the ‘Old girl’; maybe then I’ll believe Oscar DeLaHoya is going to fight here next year. Arguably, more incredible than that, is the notion Oscar and recent nemesis Floyd Mayweather could be battling for the slot. Two of the most famous and talented fighters of the modern era, clamouring to fight Britain’s pint-sized harbour shark? Amazing.

According to Setanta Sport, the satellite channel with big ideas, Dennis Hobson has offered Floyd Mayweather $10,000,000 to fight Hatton in the UK. Of course, Hobson no longer has any contractual ties with Hatton following the conclusion of their 3-fight deal but it remains a serious and large offer. Not a hope in hell of Mayweather accepting it of course, it will, I believe take an offer of more than double that to tempt Mayweather out of retirement and into a British ring. The type in which Mayweather frequently comments Hatton receives favourable treatment.

Hobson’s offer, given the absence of a contract, has a desperate air about it. Rather like a spurned lover shouting to a departing companion already out of earshot. Probably, a massive disservice to the strength of Hobson relationship with Hatton – but the Light-Welterweight king wouldn’t be the first fighter to be tempted by the bigger numbers Don King, Bob Arum and Golden Boy Promotions can offer.

Click here to read the Setanta news item.


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