WBO and their house of sham(e)

George BladesHot on the heels of Bobby Gunn’s challenge to Enzo Maccarinelli and his unfathomable arrival at WBO #15 WBO in the weeks preceding the bout, the WBO may well have surpassed themselves by sanctioning a bout between their unbeaten Light-Heavyweight champion Zsolt Erdei versus the wonderfully named George Blades. Now Erdei isn’t Bob Foster, but he is an accomplished belt-holder and undefeated in 26 contests. Blades isn’t. Nor will he ever be. His record is aesthetic enough at 21-2, but the 21 is flimsy and the 2 illuminating.

George Blades has been a professional for 8 years, and holds victories over three fighters with a winning record. The three unfortunate fighters the proud custodians of 18-5, 3-0 and 4-3 ledgers respectively. The former, John Romans William was arguably the most suprising and ‘earned’ Blades this title shot. Blades entered the always vacant WBC Latino Light-Heavyweight belt on the back of a three year sabbatical.

William, a Costa Rican, had an ounce of pedigree. Admittedly, all in losing efforts but he had at least shared a ring with a fledgling Chad Dawson, William Guthrie and Joey DeGrandis – he managed to last seven rounds over the three bouts. Enough form to suggest he was favourite versus Blades.

But Blades pulled the win out of the fire and now lands himself a shot at Zsolt Erdei. He must be a 20-1 shot minimum. And the WBO should hang their heads in shame.

I don’t blame Blades, he’s obviously a gutsy fighter who is prepared to step up in class. Nor do I blame the promoter for trying to pass this off as competitive matchmaking. Who wouldn’t make this fight and collect at the gate?

The blame and guilt has to be placed on the much-maligned sanctioning body who continue to disappoint.

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  1. It’s tempting to say ‘they’re all as bad as eachother’ — and when you have Jose in charge of the WBC, Bob Lee’s past associations with the IBF and Bob Arum openly talking about the WBA’s ‘bag men’, there’d certainly be a good argument for saying so.

    But even given the gutter level of the other three, the WBO stand out. Let’s start with The aforementioned WBA bagman, Pepe Cordero, who, if memory serves me correctly, pocketed 25 large ones courtesy of Spanish Bob every time Ray Mancini defended his WBA title. Pepe was one of the lads who went and started the WBO, I believe I’m right in saying. And from those foundations, the house of shame was built.

    Frank Warren has a point when he says these days there are some very good WBO champions, and all sanctioning bodies have their fair share of title mismatches. But no organisation quite does it like the WBO, who protect their top sanction-fee winners (Calzaghe, Michalczewski et al) as fervently as D’Amato did Patterson and Suliamen did Chavez, their rankings are absurd and they also organise more outrageous mismatches, on a more consistent basis than any other alphabet body.

    Here’s an article I did for ESB in the dim and distant past. The writing was rather less refined than these days, but it shows that this happens all the time, and will continue to do so until these lecherous organisations are forced out of the sport.



  2. Hi,

    Well, well, at least somebody tells the truth…Hey, I am hungarian, but i am familiar with the international boxing scene…i think it is a shame for erdei not to attack some real good names…only to make you even angrier, the hungarian television broadcast says as it follows: zsolt erdei is too good for the best names out there…nobody wants to risk their titles against himmm….I say, f…you erdei, f..k you everybody out there who believes in this..

    it is a real crap!!!! bring on DANNY GREEN!!!

    kind regards,



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