The Smoking Gunn

GunntartanI appreciate I’m risking turning this site into a publicity forum for Bobby Gunn’s career, but I feel compelled to keep readers up to date with developments, the latest being a visit from Bobby Gunn’s father Robert Gunn Sr., who is also Gunn’s manager. And Mr Gunn Sr, isn’t too impressed with my willingness to publish Joe Mack’s (Joe McEwan) open letter recently, a letter Mr Gunn believes slanders his son’s name and containing accusations the Gunn’s intend to fight in court. In turn, Mr Gunn suggested Joe Mack was the real villain of the piece. “I think you should know that the contracts that Bobby got from Frank Warren’s Sports Network were faxed by Joe but he chose to fake them”.

Firstly, I have to clarify the chronology of communication on this. I started attracting readers with vested interest in Bobby’s career when I posted an article highlighting his return to action following the Maccarinelli bout, pointing out that it wasn’t his fault he’d been selected as a viable opponent for the WBO title and that as a plucky pug I wished him well on his return to the American Club circuit.

Subsequently, the letter from Joe Mack – which seriously questionned the integrity of Bobby Gunn and in a very confrontational and aggressive language – was published on Eastside Boxing, I lifted that copy because it was an open letter and seemed pertinent given the previous post of mine.

Further to that, former opponent Jeff Holcomb dropped in a line and fired a challenge to Gunn for a rematch, it was critical in tone but no more than you’d expect from a fighter trying to irritate an opponent.

Bobby Gunn himself then dropped by and added commentary to two posts, both the Holcomb challenge and the open letter from Joe Mack. Suggesting that I’d surprised him by featuring it given how unrelated to boxing it was and given the reputation of the British press.

At no time have I adopted an opinion on the exchanges, but Team Gunn appear to believe I’m firmly behind Joe Mack simply because I featured his rant. Reading back the posts will pour cold water on that theory. However, to further insure impartiality, you’ll find all of the comments published in full – including Robert Gunn Snr’s latest remarks featured below – and in context on the post they featured on.

“This is Bobby’s father. My son fought for Joe Mcwen previously and was part in 2 of his cards. Joe Mcwen never signed an agreement with Bobby. He started telling people he was my son’s manager and that was false … a total lie! As a matter of a fact, Joe tried to steal money from my son behind his back. The only manager he has is me. Robert Gunn Sr. My boy filed a complaint for the police department and went in front of the judge this week. The judge set a date for trial. This may erupt into a criminal matter. Joe has harrassed my boy and threatened him. If he doesnt show for trial, there will be a warrant out for his arrest. See Mr. Payne … I want to tell you something. There are very wealthy and powerful people behind my son’s career right now. After the criminal case is dissolved, then we go in a full civil suit against Joe for slandering my son’s name. As my son said, we thought you would be more behind Boxing and not this crap.

It’s really entertaining that you stand behind such a lunatic that has no regular job and lives on the internet. ACTUALLY, he lives in his brother’s attic of his house. Joe tried saying that Bobby faked his medical documents. I called Dr David Florence and he said Bobby is a great person and that he is not a business partner of Joe. Mr. Payne…I think you should know that the contracts that Bobby got from Frank Warren’s Sports Network were faxed by Joe but he chose to fake them. This should tell you what kind of person you are dealing with right now and this is simply a joke.”

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