Palle Agrees to Warren Terms; Well Almost

PalleMogens Palle is reported to have accepted Frank Warren’s terms for the proposed clash between Super-Middleweight king Joe Calzaghe and Mikkel Kessler but with the small, and potentially fatal caveat, that the bout takes place in November rather than proposed September. The reason, Palle wants to celebrate 50 years as a promoter with a signature show. I’m not sure whether I think this is understandable or pathetic to be honest.

To risk scuppering the bout on such a sentimental point strikes me as churlish and yet equally, to be prepared to scupper the bout because of an eight week delay also seems a little childish. Obviously, Warren and Palle have differing needs on this.

Calzaghe simply needs a meaningful bout. Taylor continues to meander off and feast forlornly on Light-Middleweights, Hopkins is tied up with Wright and both are likely to sideline until say October or November and other premier names like Tarver and Jones have lost their luster at the present time and would require the Welshman to leave the 168 pound division for non-title bouts. Which to be honest, looks less likely than ever.

History tells us, a mandatory defence will emerge as Joe’s ‘only’ choice for September and the pantomime will continue.

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  1. I think Palle is more to blame with this one. Joe and Frank wanted the next fight to be in July, Palle and Kessler said they wanted it to be in September. Joe and Frank said OK to September, and suddenly Palle is saying November…


  2. Frankly, I get the impression that Joe’s always had a little of the Johnny Nelson syndrome. He’s always been happy to live in his own comfort zone and fight which ever mandatory Frank serves him up.

    We don’t hear too many stories about Joe ‘demanding’ a big fight, or calling out rivals, or actually going and fighting in the US to force his way into the limelight.

    That being said, I’m pretty disappointed with Palle’s behaviour. He has the deal accepted by Warren, and then thows a spanner into the works. I really think that he never thought Frank would accept the fight, and now he’s trying prestent clauses that will either allow him to back out of the deal, or force Warren to put all the cards in Palle’s favour.

    It’s a sad, sad state of affairs, and I for one wouldn’t be surprised if it never happened. You have one promoter, Warren, who only ever risks his boxers in big fights when everything’s in his favour (Hatton – Tszyu, for example) a fighter, Calzaghe, who has traditionally been not that bothered anyway, and a second promoter who seems to be taking a ‘moon-on-a-stick-or-no-fight’ attitude.


  3. There is certainly a theme. I try hard not to be a cynic, to believe in the integrity of those involved but sometimes, it’s hard to not become a pessimistic, cynical, down-trodden, sarcastic old critic.


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