PR: Hayemaker Hits Back at Maccarinelli and Warren

hAYE2It’s difficult not to like David Haye, the big-punching, charismatic 26 year old constantly entertains, Ismael Abdoul aside, and though more shrewd than he would admit, take risks in the selection of his opponents. Always quotable and entertaining, Haye increasingly carries the torch for British fight fans hoping for a resurrection of interest in their sport and following his one round demolition of historically sturdy Tomasz Bonin, he’s also become a big hope for the heavyweight division. First though, he’s eager to set the record straight on the potential fight with British rival Enzo Maccarinelli.PRESS RELEASE WBC no. 1 contender Haye bites back at Warren and Maccarinelli

World Boxing Council (WBC) number one-ranked contender David ‘The Hayemaker’ Haye has responded to claims made by promoter Frank Warren in his weekly News Of The World column by insisting, “I don’t need Warren and Enzo – they need me!”

The 26-year-old Haye – currently preparing for a late summer showdown with division number one Jean-Marc Mormeck – has once again incurred the wrath of Warren in his Sunday column. This time the accusations centre on Haye rejecting a Warren offer for the Londoner to box domestic rival Enzo Maccarinelli on July 21.

Warren said: “I’ve offered David Haye a career high purse to box Swansea’s Enzo Maccarinelli on July 21 in Cardiff. I’ve not asked for options, so it’s a straightforward choice for Haye – does he want this fight or not?”

Always one for a challenge, Haye didn’t take long to respond.

“Everyone knows who I’m boxing in my next fight,” the former European champion began. “I’m fighting the undisputed number one fighter in the division (Mormeck) for the universally-recognised number one spot at cruiserweight. I assume Warren knows this, and I’m also fairly certain that is the reason why he has suddenly got so brave in calling me out and offering me the kind of deal he point blank refused five months ago.”

Haye added: “I want to be recognised as the best cruiserweight in the world, and I will accomplish this by winning my next fight. Why then would I throw that chance down the drain and lose my WBC ranking in the process, just to knock out an over-hyped and overprotected fighter (Maccarinelli) whose best win was against former British journeyman Mark Hobson?”

In the aforementioned article, Warren stated his offer to Haye would mark a career-high payday for the Bermondsey puncher. It is a claim that Haye insists is simply not the case.

“Warren’s offer was definitely not the highest payday in my career,” ‘The Hayemaker’ responded. “In fact, his offer to me was pretty much a carbon copy of the offer we made to Enzo for the April fight. Which, let’s not forget, was an offer Warren turned down and described as ‘disgusting’.”

Ultimately, Haye is left scratching his head as to why Warren has suddenly grown so keen on a fight he appeared to be very cool on only a few months ago.

“I’m not sure why Warren would perform such a massive u-turn,” Haye said. “After all, I’m sure I read that Maccarinelli is supposed to be fighting either Steve Cunningham or Wayne Braithwaite on that July 21 date. Is that a lie?

“Also, Warren has regularly claimed I can no longer make cruiserweight. He believes I’ll never fight again at that weight. If that’s the case, why is he taking the risk?

“Then again, maybe it has something to do with all the rumours of television contractual problems that are circulating. After all, desperate times require desperate measures. Warren probably needs a fight like Haye versus Maccarinelli more now than ever. It’s a fight terrestrial television would love. It’s just a shame Warren didn’t want it so desperately for April.”

Having been messed about in the past, Haye continues to question the motives behind Warren’s plans for Maccarinelli.

“Even if Braithwaite is the next opponent – as has been rumoured – Enzo would basically be fighting a guy who was battered from pillar to post by the man I’m boxing next (Mormeck). And yet Maccarinelli and I are supposed to be on level terms. Braithwaite is meant to be a step-up for Maccarinelli even though Braithwaite has recently suffered two brutal defeats and been exposed at the top level.”

Haye continued: “If Enzo had any balls whatsoever he would turn down Braithwaite and demand a fight with Guillermo Jones – the man who stopped Braithwaite a couple of fights ago. I know Guillermo is available and ready to go, as we have contacted his people about possible sparring for my next fight. He’s apparently desperate for work right now and will travel anywhere for it.

“Braithwaite, on the other hand, according to his people, hasn’t been heard from since his last sloppy win.”

Having seen his own stock soar following an explosive win at heavyweight, Haye is now prepared to leave Warren and Maccarinelli in the dust. He predicts entirely contrasting futures for both he and the Welshman.

“Enzo will now probably fight a washed up and undisciplined Braithwaite and knock him out early,” said Haye. “Warren will call him the second coming of Muhammad Ali, Enzo will say he’s being avoided by everyone, and the pair will continue with their ways. Anyone who fails to see that Maccarinelli is a protected fighter is basically either biased or without a brain – or both. ”Maybe I’m wrong, though. Maybe they will finally give Bobby Gunn the rematch he and the world have been craving since their first epic encounter. In the meantime, I’ll be boxing the best cruiserweight in the world and hopefully winning some green and gold strap.

“So the real question is – is it me who needs Frank Warren and Enzo Maccarinelli or do they need me? I’ll let everyone decide that one for themselves.”

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