Morrison Wins in ‘MMA’ debut

TommyTommyStatistics for this site/blog for the past week suggest my small piece on Tommy Morrison’s debut in Mixed Martial Arts proved the most read over that seven day period. The MMA phenomenon knows no bounds. There is certainly fuel in the MMA train. For the record Morrison did as he predicted he would, hit the guy and won in the first round and on the surface further protected the theory most boxing fans subscribe to; ‘that boxing remains the most destructive and definitive combat sport’. That wouldn’t tell the whole story though.

Morrison, a brave, courageous but ultimately old and rusty heavyweight agreed to contest within the cage on the premise only standing strikes were allowed, i.e. elbows, kicks, punches etc. And his opponent was willing to fight under those constricted MMA rules too. But then shortly before ‘battle’ commenced or whatever they say before starting a fight between guys with no shoes on, the rules were changed and it essentially became a boxing match in a cage. To say the former WBO Heavyweight champion immediately became an over-whelming favourite would be an under-statement of huge proportions.

In truth, I felt a little for the MMA specialist. Backed into a corner, probably on a decent pay day and a naturally willing fighter he went through with the fight in the sure knowledge he was going to be knocked out.

Perhaps, it was to be expected – Morrison didn’t fair too well in a no holds barred contest with a 45 year old Rocky Balboa if my recollection of Rocky V is correct. Beyond money, Morrison’s motivations for taking this bout are less clear though clearly it has garnered a lot of attention for his boxing comebck.

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