Bobby Gunn Reloads

BobbyThe criticism and hearty guffaws accompanying Bobby Gunn’s unexpected and patently unsubstantiated elevation to world-title class earlier this year were hard on the squat, pugnacious scrapper. After all, he didn’t ask to be plucked from the tank town circuit and projected as a legitimate Cruiserweight contender by Sports Network and the World Boxing Organisation (WBO).

Once the call came he would have been foolish to reject it. Three minutes of heavy artillery from Enzo Maccarinelli, a bloodied nose, broken rhetoric and a degree of humiliation an apparently small price for a presumably career best payday. A few weeks on and Gunn returns to competition more relevant to his own abilities, despite his manager once claiming he was “the most ferocious fighter since Jack Dempsey”, I can only assume this was a reference to Harriet Makepeace’s partner in the 80’s TV cop show rather than the Manassa Mauler himself. 

In truth, Gunn will probably enjoy another solid run on the American club circuit and perhaps one day, if Enzo Maccarinelli continues to improve and achieve, he can say he once fought the world champion – rather than just for the Welshman’s maligned WBO belt. 

Springfield, Virginia plays host to his clash with Antoine Barrett and I for one wish him well.

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  1. Top man pal jack off. Has more groupies than Lil Wayne. Now he’s accusing people of being racist when all he does is lie and stab people in the back. He’s a user and a 40 year old burnout. Rufus Defibaugh has screenshots of Gunns raving miscalling the very people that eat his ass. Nobody likes him and he’s a bum. Now his runt of a son is a fighter. What a joke. Get a job at McDonalds kid you will go further than your deadbeat dad.


  2. Bobby gunn is a raving bum. He claims to be a 6 time cruiserweight champion. Too bad the KFC/Qt gas and At&T belts aren’t considered real. Him and his ass kissing followers think he’s an all time great! Besides Enzo he was knocked out by Toney and Adamek. He claimed a broken hand caused the Toney stoppage when in fact he got his head punched in for 4 rounds. And recently he had his guts punched in by 50 year old glen Johnson. Now he’s a bkb champ what a joke. Fighting homeless people and tough man contest rejects don’t make him a legend. He’s a legend in his own mind. I have wanted to fight him for years but he’s all shit and runs from me. Cmon cuz grow some balls and let’s get it on.


  3. Bobby Gunn is cying and lying…..Again. Lets make it simple Mr.Gunn. I will box you for free any where and at any weight you pick. I will close both eyes this time. The only sad thing about my back is that I will have to put you off for a few weeks because of my back problem.When our fight was stopped I was ahead on points. Your eyes weres wollen shut and I told your guys that you would not make it two rounds with Enzo. Guess what, I was right. If what you say is true ,fight me.Its free and I will take you out in four rounds.Then I”ll get to laugh at all of the crying and excuses I hear from you afterwards. The reason that you don”t realize you were actually behind on points is because you can”t add. Oh and its not good to be talked about when you were beat silly in a few seconds by Enzo. Why don”t we box again so I cantell this to you.And you story about ko”ing me and I could not get up for 10 minutes must have been a dream you had. it sure never happened. All you say is based on lies and propaganda. Tell me when we box,I”ll be there, early.Its simple, just name the time and place if you can or if you will.Will you? My number is (423)421-6580.


  4. first of all, jeff holcomb was no fight at all. he was a fat, pathetic man, who faked an injury and quit. he has no heart…just like the tin man. the promoter for that fight was joe mack, who never paid me a penny for that fight. as a matter of a fact, he stiffed me and promised to make good on it later on. well, one thing i could tell you…is that he tried to steal 30,000$ behind my back 20 minutes before the fight with enzo mac. i respect the UK press & i believe that enzo will be an all time great cruiserweight champion. the article that joe put out, slandering my name, was first posted on east side boxing..then they pulled it off because it had nothing to do with boxing. i am shocked to see this article being posted on british press because you guys got so much class, i didnt think you would get caught up on this garbage. i will be back, i havent went no where, like me or dont like, whenever you mention my name…its great


  5. Nice to hear from you Jeff. Thanks for visiting. Suffice to say this isn’t the first commentary I’ve recieved on Bobby Gunn since I wrote this article last week.

    And of course Joe Mack wrote an open letter that criticised Gunn on a number of issues.


  6. Not only is gunn a weak fighter, he misrepresents his past bouts in my opinion and fights only those he thinks he can beat. I lost to gunn on an injury. The fight was stopped while I was standing and ahead on points due to a documented back injury. Gunn calls that a brutal K O. He probably thinks he should have won the WBO title and claims that it was an imposter laying on the canvas. The only brutal K O that I”ve seen lately was gunn looking up at Enzo wondering what happened. If gunn wants a match I will give him a free one, just for another chance at him. What do you say gunn. Call me.Cell (Number supplied)


  7. Said Lawal was always going to be a traditionally soft first defence, but he at least had a modicum of pedigree about him.

    Croft was a poor challenger but at least was an ex-champ, albeit a hideouslu inactive and faded one.

    The thing about Reed and Gunn is that they had NO prior pedigree, not even in a distant past, and don’t look to ever have it in the future.

    Everybody knew in both cases the fights wouldn’t make it out of the first rounds, and so it was.

    For me, they are the top two.


  8. He should fight Damon Reed, with the loser picking up the “worst title challenger in history” accolade.


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