Ellis Pulls Out of Snoozowski Fight

AlbertsAlbert Sosnowski is the custodian of arguably the slowest burning career in heavyweight history, a professional for nine years and having accumulated a 39-1 record the Polish born fighter could be expected to be, at the very least, a top ten contender. No? No, not Albert. The globe trotting heavyweight is becoming a statistical curiosity but not a contender.

A flicker of interest in his career was mustered by the news he would fight Blackpool’s Mathew Ellis, another fighter who has flattered to deceive during his patchy dedication to prize fighting. However, with two days to go, Ellis has withdrawn and the flicker is extinguished as the 28 year old will now face green Frenchman Steve Herelius in Scotland, providing support to the Light-Welterweight clash between Barry Morrison and the always gallant Colin Lynes.

Sosnowski always sells a couple of hundred tickets and therein lays his charm, his Polish supporters help pack small venues with noise and atmosphere and cheer their countrymen with the type of energy usually reserved for world-title fights. I suppose while ever he entertains those die-hards, sell tickets and doesn’t ask much of the paymaster then he’ll continue to extend his pleasing on the eye record.

 Ryszard Koczura at Fight News broke the story today.

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