Tyson To Work Sultan’s Corner

tyson2Boxingtalk.com report Mike Tyson will be a fully fledged member of Sultan Ibragimov’s corner for his challenge to breathless WBO champion Shannon Briggs this weekend. Hopefully, it represents more than a cheap publicity stunt because a place for Mike Tyson’s knowledge of the sport should really be found. Articulate and a once keen student of the sport it would be shame if he doesn’t grasp the olive branch, it would certainly be more dignified to see Tyson passing on his wisdom to young fighters than see him feature in the glorified boxing booth he did late least year.

By way of connection, unfulfilled footballer Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne has been treated for a perforated ulcer, presumably a by product of his indulgences and neurotic hyper-tension – not to mention receiving dressings for burns to his feet collected walking on hot sand! It does however, illustrate the need to provide support or network to retired sportsman beyond the remuneration they collect during active service. Sport, fame and money detach these elite sportsman from natural social growth to such an extent that merely existing beyond the small biosphere of their prime is virtually impossible.

This is particularly true when greatness and notoriety are carved out at a young age, as they were with both Tyson and Paul Gascoigne. 

Click here to read Greg Leon’s snippet from Boxingtalk.com

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  1. hola, soy un chico rumano, vivo en espña, y estoy deseando, conocer , a mike tyson, y ademas , quiero todo lo que esta relacionado con , mike tyson , muchas gracias , y porfavor mandarme , la camiseta , gracias , macu,,,………


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