Is Zab You Judah?

In one of the most bizarre stories I’ve heard in a while and for a sport which, to paraphrase Dennis Norden, doesn’t lack stories you’d have to file under strange but true, a recent conference call held between the media and Welterweight contender Zab Judah proved to be a misleading endeavour for the hacks who dialled in.

Why? Because the classless Judah the Junior had his father Yoel sit in and pretend to be him. Cheap.

The highly talented fighter, who seems to spend as much time projecting his diluted gangster persona and flashing his charmless ‘bling’ as he does tuning his body or working on his craft (defeat to Carlos Baldomir evidence enough of that), is training for his watershed contest with HBO star Miguel Cotto. Not a fighter Judah can afford to neglect training for. And perhaps that is the more positive spin for this story; Judah is too entrenched in training to break for conferences?

Somehow I doubt it, and it certainly doesn’t excuse the shallow trick Yoel Judah attempted.

I first read about this on where resident newsman Iain Axon retells the story.

Boxing opinion and insight by David Payne

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