Bojado Returns with a Victory

bojado2Young Mexican puncher Francisco ‘Panchito’ Bojado returned from a three year career hiatus to score a solid ten round victory over veteran trial horse Dairo Esalas. Bojado, still only 24, weighed in at an eager 143 pounds a weight that suggests he will return to elite action at Light-Welterweight. Given the increasingly tumbleweed nature of the 10 stone division since Cotto, Mayweather, Judah, Gatti and Tyszu departed it wouldn’t take long for him to become a contender again. Of course, Bojado was probably only one victory away from a title shot back in 2004 before he ran into late bloomer Jesse James Leija. Like Paul Spadafora who also returned from a long break recently, caused by a prison sentence in the Pittsburgh ticket sellers case, it wont take much momentum for them to be mentioned as potential foes for Hatton, N’Dou, Witter and Torres.

Although reports suggest Spadafora was more fortunate to gain a victory on his return than Bojado.

Hugo Cazares, the WBO Junior Flyweight champion successfully defended his title with a second round stoppage of Wilfrido Perez of Columbia in the true main event of Friday’s show. It says a lot about Bojado’s potential that he sold the tickets and created the interest in the bill.

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