UKBoxingpress Hits the Buffers

bigbenIt was sad to note today that one of my regular watering holes, appears to have succumbed to the bad feeling caused by a public spat with Frank Maloney’s Promotions company. Or at least that is the assumption. The forum there provided host to most of the regular visitors to message boards on British boxing and one can only hope it is a temporary hiatus.

Despite the enjoyment I’ve gleaned from baiting the UKBP forum’s chief protagonist and agent provocateur, I must confess to hoping the current suspension of activity on the website is merely short-lived. The site editor Ben Carey has worked hard to deliver quality content on a frequent and timely basis and in Suzanne Nield has uncovered a gem of a writer.

Perhaps, a pause for breath is being taken and some relationships rebuilt before the tap is once again switched on. Signs do not look good however, the site is published on the same blog tool as this blog, and any links to the site suggest the blog has been deleted. From personal experience I know that means content is lost and the URL cannot be resurrected. Of course, UKBoxingpress diverted from a address so it is possible the site could be re-established under another wordpress guise, the host of the blog software, and hooked up to that URL.

And though the loss of archive and some trust on behalf of the writers in question may be felt the pause will certainly help diffuse the situation that had developed between the embryonic site and Frank Maloney.

6 thoughts on “UKBoxingpress Hits the Buffers

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  1. Heavens, they got stitched up there didn’t they?

    Boxing politics, if only “real” politics were as interesting.


  2. And yet, paradoxically, succeed in only further confirming it.

    Though obviously, I’m an uninformed observer in this. I dont know what goes on “behind the scenes”.


  3. Why not just stop updating it and move on? rather than have all the writers lose their work.

    Sounds like someone was only thinking of protecting their “reputation” no?


  4. It is certainly a growing list. I feel for the very capable people who have essentially lost six months of their aspiring writing careers.

    The whole site is junked.


  5. Christ, Willet in crazed over reaction shocker!

    Denied pres credentials for 1 show so they make the whole this very unnecessarily public and then kill the whole site?

    ummmmmm, ok

    How many sites/forums have Spud and co killed off now?



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