Set to Drown: Roman on Klitschko Short-List, a site with a vested interested in furthering the case for Roman Greenberg, claim the 24 year old is on a short-list of three to be Vitali Klitschko’s opponent when the big former title holder returns. Perhaps only in a fight with an elite, if rusty, professional like Klitschko will Greenberg realise just how slowly he’s been moving both in the ring and up the heavyweight ladder. His record is aesthetic, he will doubtless gleefully take the payday and those are presumably the two criteria facilitating his consideration as the sacrifical lamb.

I can only assume the other two on the list are Albert Sosnowski and Rob Calloway – two other heavyweights with pleasing records of no discernible substance. If Greenberg got the nod, the bookies would need to offer odds in seconds rather than rounds because while he has some hand-speed he has proven to be lethargic with poor stamina, wide open to flush shots and carries little pop in his punches to deter ambitious opponents. He has certainly never been allowed to wander anywhere near contenders let alone one of the best heavyweights of the past decade.

Personally, I think it would be irresponsible to take the contest. But money talks. Click Here for the Seconds Out story.

5 thoughts on “Set to Drown: Roman on Klitschko Short-List

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  1. Yeah, maybe they reckon they can make some of their investment back in 1 big chunk by cashing at all in by feeding him to Vitali.

    Its a business, so why not?

    I find it “almost impossible” to care about Greenburg and what he and his publicists do.

    Next big HW star?

    Christ knows? he probably hasn’t even had is 1st bout yet


  2. HG,

    Spot on.

    I just hope it’s a lull before some new blood comes through, Chaz Witherspoon or David Haye perhaps. Who knows, but it needs either a puncher or some charisma to resuscitate it.


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