Felix Sturm Easy to Forget

SturmWith the seminal bout between Oscar and Floyd just 9 days away it is easy to overlook the fact 39 year old Javier Castillejo and Felix Sturm will contest the WBA Middleweight belt this weekend and that in all reality a then youthful Sturm completely outboxed a flabby Golden Boy in his debut at 160 pounds three years ago. A performance that almost cost Oscar his multi-million pound clash with Bernard Hopkins. Since then Sturm has regrouped but remains outside the consciousness of the American audiences he shocked in 2004.

On Saturday he faces late bloomer Javier Castillejo for the Spaniard’s title. A fascinating clash that could produce a potential opponent for Jermaine Taylor, should the giant American persevere in the middleweight division. The temptation of Hopkins and Calzaghe may yet see him leave the classic weight division behind.

For Sturm the bout represents the chance to avenge a stoppage defeat last summer, for Castillejo another opportunity to extend the bank account and career presumed all but finished when at 37 he was beaten by Fernando Vargas. Despite a reputation for hometown decision in Germany, and there is no escaping that that is more than urban myth, I still favour the lantern jawed champion. Call it an instinct, call it a love of the underdog. But I’ll be hoping Sturm is forced to regroup following another surprise defeat.

3 thoughts on “Felix Sturm Easy to Forget

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  1. Heavens, i stand corrected

    I still don’t think there is anything to get excited about with him tho.

    Doesnt do anything particularly badly, doesn’t to anything particularly well either.

    I wonder if he and Howard Eastman will soon jab and feint their way for 12 rounds for our viewing pleasure?


  2. Oscar was dreadful on that night, utterly, utterly dreadful and fighting about a stone north of his natural weight. I had it 115-113 to Felix…..

    Nothing to get excited about in my book

    Castillejo SD


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