Infamy, infamy. They’ve All Got it Infamy

MoorerNews Crawford Grimsley, the flamboyantly named but workman heavyweight, has been forced to pull out of his clash with former champion Michael Moorer was met with sobs from the three ticket holders eager to see the monumental encounter. They were all soon placated when Sedrick Fields was named as the replacement to ensure the mediocrity and flab promised would be delivered. I’ve decided I’m no good at satire, I know you’d reached that conclusion weeks ago.

Setting Grimsley, who once ‘famously’ – my that word is used easily these days – took a vintage George Foreman twelve rounds, apart is the reason for his withdrawal. Diverticulitis. Now this requires surgery apparentley. Not one to leave the reader short-changed, I did some lengthy investigation into what the condition actually means.

“Diverticulitis occurs when small pouches bulge out from weak points in the intestines, forming ‘diverticula’, which then become infected or inflamed. It is sometime described as being similar to a balloon of air bulging out of a bicycle tire.”

Which seems mildly symbolic of the paunch surrounding the heavyweight contender list these days, but further enquiry suggested it was caused by poor diet. I think this could run rife through that same contender list. I can think of 25 heavyweights who should see a doctor immediatley.

For those affected by the issues raised in this post please visit for more details.

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  1. Firstly Mrs Grimsley, I wish to apologise unreservedly for the offence caused by my entirely unnecessary post and for its crass tone.

    I certainly, didn’t foresee it being read by someone close to Crawford – which was naive and irresponsible.

    The flippant research I did conduct is genuine and reflective of the condition, but obviously ever case is different and the proper questions of people connected to Crawford would have revealed as much.

    As you suspect, I’ve never been a boxer nor stepped into the ring. My comments are made from the comfort of my armchair and though this needn’t preclude me from commentating on boxing it certainly should teach me more respect and humility than I demonstrated here.

    For reference, I don’t proclaim that this blog is anything more than that – the lazy ramblings of a interested party – but clearly I need to afford more care to the content, particularly on sensitive issues like a fighters health.

    I was unaware as to the seriousness of the surgery Crawford had, and I would hope you will accept my sincere apologies for the offence caused.

    I wish your husband well on his recovery and I thank you for bringing me to task on this post.



  2. Crawford is in the hospital & had surgery this morning (Fri. March 16th at Pembroke Pines Regional ) they found a large abscess in his lower intestine, it was “extremely bad” it’s a good thing they did the surgery he was suffering from septic poisoning by the time they operated and could have died. He will have to have another operation 6 to 8 weeks to complete the process. I think that your RESEARCH is your way of trying to say you know what the hell your writing about and may you Never have to be put in that position your self. I think that in stead of flapping your gums you should REALLY do the research and find out what the REAL issues are! If you did as you said and did the Research then you would have known that it has nothing to do with diet. Oh and by the way Grimsley weighed in at the hospital at a whapping 237 pounds… PUT THAT IN YOUR PEN AND SMOKE IT!

    A devoted and UNBIAST boxing fan
    PS have YOU ever even been a boxer or in a ring?? Or do you just boast your opinion?

    Jodi (his wife)


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