And We Wonder Why; Jennings World-Title Shot?

BullshitFor those boxing fans so blinkered to the failings of the sport,those mystified as to why more sports fans don’t gravitate toward boxing and those unable to understand why the mainstream media isno longer fascinated by the noble art, a quick review of today’s Chorley Guardian will provide all the explanation needed. According to the chirpy local correspondent, Michael Jennings a fighter beaten by Young Muttley for the British title, and swatted around the ring by Bradley Pryce before that, is fighting for a ‘World-Title’ in April. Nobody told me?

Actually, that isn’t true. Somebody did tell me. The boxing media announced Michael Jennings will be tackling Margate’s famous Iranian Takaloo for the latter’s World Boxing Union Welterweight belt. Now if you say World Boxing Union fast enough, maintain a dead-pan expression and nod wisely you could probably fool the average man in the street that the belt in question provides the requisite kudos and recognition traditionally associated with the World Championship. That somehow two fighters from Chorley and Margate could be contesting a belt previously held by Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns or British old-timer Ted Lewis. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

And it is these meaningless titles that confuses fans, excludes casual fans and promotes mediocrity and safe match-making over ambition and excellence. I don’t blame Jennings or Takaloo, I don’t blame the Chorley Guardian. I blame the BBBofC for accepting these unsavoury and destructive parasites into the sport and I blame promoters for taking short-money over the long term health and wealth of the sport.

To read how British Welterweight contender, because that is what he really is, Michael Jennings is preparing for his ‘big-shot’ click here.

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