Burgos Out of Induced Coma

Burgos2Just to cover all those boxing fans that proclaimed their love and concern for Victor Burgos, who suffered bleeding on the brain and a clot following his defeat to Vic Darchinyan, but then immediately forgot and neglected the fallen Mexican once they clicked on, I’ve dug around on one or two sites, but not in a Ron Borges way – can you believe that story? – to find out what happened next. In truth, I’d forgotten for a day or two too. Making others feel bad eased my guilt.

However, back to Burgos.

Mark Vester of Boxingscene.com has done the leg work, his article is transcribed below, but it is a genuine relief that boxing hasn’t lost another warrior. The tough Mexican emerged from his induced coma to respond to some verbal commands which suggests his outlook is positive. At times like the minds of boxing fans turn to the internal structure and support network in place for fighters like Burgos, though a contender he is very unlikely to have generated purses sufficient to support his family in the years away from professional action that now sprawl out in front of him. We  hear lots of anecdotes and the odd release about pensions, unions and other schemes to protect and look after retired fighters, but any unilateral step has never been taken. Presumably, like those of us that forgot about Burgos’ plight this past week, the sport will smile at his recovery and quickly move on. In fact, it all ready has.

According to a report by Robert Morales of the Press Telegram, Mexican boxer Victor Burgos has come out of medically-induced coma and is responding to to doctors at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, California.Alan Hopper, head of public relations for Don King, told the paper that “Burgos successfully answered a few verbal commands,” and his condition appears to be improving. 

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