McGuigan Takes the Fight to UFC

barryI’ve written a thought or two on the emergence of UFC as a threat to boxing’s place in the hearts and minds of British sports fans and with some substance, they get so much right in their organisation and promotion. Much of which was learned from the flaws currently suffocating boxing. However, boxing has an articulate defender in Barry McGuigan, the former Featherweight champion, who in today’s Daily Mirror made the most lucid defence of boxing and unraveled many of the myths that surround UFC recent success. It is a heartening read for beleaguered boxing fans.Read it here

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  1. While Mr. McGuigan has a few interesting points I don’t see his argument. If he wants to compare boxers to MMA fighters their is a whole world of differences. While boxers are more technically sound at striking with their fists, (I’d hope so, its all they learn besides footwork) many MMA fighters also study boxing besides their other disciplines and have decent competence in stiking.”Take away the kick and they wouldn’t stand a chance with a boxer?” I’ll humor that since, “we aren’t comparing like to like”. Would that include excluding grappling too? After they get nailed with a double leg takedown get slammed to the mat and eat a bunch of fists and elbows they might change their mind. As far as the gloves yes they provides less protection causing blood but unlike boxing you can’t hide behind them either. Thats right, they also provide less protection when covering up. MMA is a combination of many different styles and diversity is what makes any athlete better, even boxers. As the combination of all the skills a boxer learns makes him stronger it empowers an MMA fighter even more so. Yes, many specialize in one style but every fighter who learns only one discipline is at a sore disadvantage. They learn this fast as “Masters” of any style step into the octogon and get taken out. You see, MMA is full of world champions in every discipline and even they have to learn new skills to be sucessful. This is pretty easy to see as no current UFC title holder only uses one discipline. Think what you like but don’t watch the UFC and tell me many of them are not technically sound strikers and don’t doubt the explosion of the UFC. I’m sure much more drama came from Randy Couture at age 43 coming out of retirement and becoming the 3 time world heavyweight champ on top of 2 time light heavyweight champ. That is greatness!!


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