Mayweather’s: You Couldn’t Make It Up

FloydBut I suspect somebody is. The forthcoming fight between Oscar DeLaHoya, boxing’s poster boy for the past decade and Floyd Mayweather the consensus pound for pound champion, is being hyped as the major fight of the year and perhaps beyond. It certainly brings together two of the most talented fighters of my generation and in DeLaHoya it also delivers the last great cross-over star of world boxing. Morales, Barrera, Pacman, Gatti and Mosley all touched the broader public but nobody has been as effectively marketed as Oscar and he brings all that promotional know-how to this show too.

Daily updates from their city by city promotional tour bombard my inbox and ensure the tantalising contest ins never far from my frontal lobe but, and there is always a but, I can’t help feeling a little manipulated. And that feeling of manipulation is never more evident than the soap opera of Mayweather Senior’s potential involvement in the contest. First, the ill-feeling between him and his estranged son encouraged him to offer his services to DeLaHoya despite the apparent conflict of interest training a fighter to beat your son would surely engender then he priced himself out of the contract by asking for $2,000,000 and now, incredibly, he turns up at Floyd Junior’s side to suggest blood is thicker than water.

Adding further mud to the water, is the sideline that Roger Mayweather – Floyd’s uncle who has trained his nephew through many of his recent fixtures – is presently in jail on domestic abuse charges, quite how the trio settle their differences upon his release is hard to fathom. Three bigger egoes would be hard to find.

It feels a bit like a charade devised to ensure there are stories to write for the gathered press and to try and seep the fight into the conscience of as many fans as possible – which is of course the name of the game – but does it have to be so shamelessly shallow and devious to achieve that?

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