Williams v Gammer: Live on the Web

HearnAccording to www.boxingtimes.comthe British title fight between champion Scott Gammer and Danny Williams will available over the Internet for a price starting at $16.99. An interesting move, and yet another example of the inevitable move toward integrated coverage of the sport. What next, hover-boards?

Barry Hearn, head of Matchroom, and the promoter.. …of the fight has teamed up with a company called BOXNET to deliver the opportunity to international fans who may have an interest in the crossroads heavyweight clash. Quite whether they’ll still be curious at $16.99, rising to $19.99 the closer the event draws, remains to be seen. Fellow British promoter, Frank Maloney has tried before to get Internet viewing off the ground, and famously lost a great deal of money – I think it was a Graham Earl fight, but my memory isn’t what it was, well I don’t remember it being this bad at least.

The fight, I suspect, takes on even more significance following Audley Harrison defeat to Michael Sprott last weekend as presumably the fallen Olympian, and cricky did he fall, will need some foothold on the heavyweight ladder to launch the inevitable comeback. Having turned down £100,000, allegedly, to face Harrison in a voluntary defence – opting instead to face mandatory challenger Danny Williams – Gammer is prone to some curious decisions, so nothing is guaranteed.

Despite proclamations of not needing Harrison, one would presume he would be an option were the Welshman to confirm the suspicion Danny Williams is shot when he meets the bulky Londoner. Alternatively, Gammer could face the winner of Sprott v Skelton, as the the suggestion the winner of that bout goes on to a world-title shot has been heard, but not seen, too many times for anyone to believe it.

I digress. The more fans that can access boxing, through whatever means, the better. Good luck to Barry Hearn and the fighters concerned in promoting the show via the web.

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