Shadow Boxing: Matthew Hatton Emerges

ShadowA brief note to recognise how important Matthew Hatton’s recent victory on the Hatton v Urango undercard could prove to be. The younger, bigger Hatton slogged away unspectacularly on the undercards of his illustrious sibling for a number of years without ever announcing himself as a talent in his own right, but a change could be on the horizon.

Following a disappointing defeat to Alan Bosworth, Hatton re-appeared stateside and delivered arguably his most polished performance to date. Sharp, focused and economic, Hatton Jr looked accomplished, confident and authoritative in dispatching Frank Houghtaling in 7 rounds. In isolation the opponent was no more meaningful than the domestic level he’s been fighting since 2000, but the new audience energised him and he won new admirers in America.

The evidence of that, a recent interview with Lou DiBella speaking to boxing junkyard, promoter of Welterweight prospect Andre Berto, suggested a list of fighters he consider for his charge’s next fight; including veteran Golden Johnson, Cosme Rivera and Matthew Hatton. Yep, no mention of Ricky for reference or context, just Matthew Hatton’s name sitting firmly in the frontal lobe of one the US’ leading promoters.

Well done Dennis Hobson for securing the fixture, and well done to Matthew for rising to the challenge.

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