Neil Sinclair’s Career: Take 47

SinclairBelfast banger Neil Sinclair, one of the purest punchers from the British Isles in recent memory, made a cautious return to action following a failed attempt to galvanise himself in America last year, beating imported loser Arek Malek. The detour to America went desperatley wrong,  a third choice substitute knocked him out on his Stateside debut. A painful lesson in attention to detail for the former British champion in a fight scheduled to enable him to rebuild from the humbling defeat to Taz Jones back in ‘Blighty’ the year before.

Now guided by Brian Peters, the plan appears to be to keep Sinclair busy and through greater occupation of his time aim to improve his timing and conditioning but also maintain the sort of focus and dedication he has previously found hard to muster. Certainly, public announcements of his disillusionment with the sport didn’t bode well for longevity, and so recent results proved.

Previous promoters quickly grew tired of his inactivity, four fights in as many years prior to the weekend’s victory, and it will be interesting if Peters can keep Sinclair interested, motivated and progressing. He’s getting long in the tooth now to be milling around as a contender, and though he will doubtless maintain his punching power for a season or two yet, he needs to make his mark sooner rather than later.

Francis Jones is next in Dublin on March 25th. The always excellent Belfast Telegraph reported on his fight over the weekend.

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