Hatton Faces Castillo on June 23rd

CastilloReported everywhere today, so why should this little hideaway be any different, the news that Ricky Hatton is to face veteran – and its noticeable how many media outlets refer to him as veteran since his narrow victory and lacklustre performance last time out – Mexican, Jose Luis Castillo in a fight few fans will want to miss.

Obviously, British fans will be forced to part with another £14.95 to see action of this quality. Possibly more, nothing is beyond the PPV powers that be – and several thousand of us paid the fee to see Hatton v Juan Urango after all. More fool us, or me specifically. The fight will take place at the Thomas and Mack Centre and will surely generate huge audiences across America, Mexico and the UK despite the difficulty both had surviving their respective ‘semi-finals’ last month.

A meaningful fight at last, and the concluding chapter in his three fight deal with HBO. Hatton and his team, if they beat Castillo, will then be well placed to sign with the highest bidder for what will once again be the most marketable name in boxing outside Oscar and Manny. Hatton will be very bankable and despite the departures of Cotto, Mayweather, Judah and Corrales to Welterweight looks well placed for some major paydays. It would represent a major achievement for the sapling promotional skill of Dennis Hobson if he negotiates the HBO contract with two low-budget opponents and finally, Castillo  – a 37 year old still starving to make 140 pounds –  to conclude the contract, leaving Hatton as hot-property and with freedom of contract.

Perhaps they will have the last laugh of the detractors who criticised the mediocrity of the opponents Hatton has faced since Kostya Tszyu.

Just don’t put him in with Shane Mosley. Please.

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