Save the Last Dance for Me: Kostya Please?

KostyaI’m trying to think of something predictable, a euphemism for Lovemore N’Dou’s desire to entice fellow Australian Kostya Tsyzu out of inactivity, I would suggest, more predictable than Hugh Grant’s latest script but I used that last week and with time pressing I’ll crack on without originality – nothing new there whispered the wag at the back. If you think of anything, answers on a postcard.

Ricky Hatton’s equally predictable abdication from the IBF title picture has left Lovemore, victor in a final eliminator versus Ben Rabah, as champion. Lovemore has waited a long time for the control he now has over his future, his story not quite Cinderella Man, but there is certainly a whiff of the Glen Johnson about it. Close decisions in previous challenges, short-notice assignments against house fighters and advancing years certainly permit comparisons.

Now in pole position, N’Dou will be looking to capitalise financially on his new found status, and with Hatton, the biggest cash-cow around, out of the picture he’s looking toward semi-retired legend Kostya Tsyzu to provide the draw in a voluntary defence. The IBF, prone to the unthinkable, are moving to find N’Dou’s mandatory by pitching Demetrius Hopkins, ranked #2, in with the next highest challenger.

So it seems, N’Dou will be afforded the luxury of a voluntary defence – something they wouldn’t sanction for Ricky Hatton.

Hatton meanwhile, has begun the promotion of his June encounter with Mexican veteran Jose Luis Castillo.

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