Shock News: Hatton Vacates

HattonThe most predictable story of the year so far; Ricky Hatton vacates the belt he won for the second time against Colombian hulk Juan Urango, preferring to face Jose Luis Castillo than mandatory challenger Lovemore N’Dou.

You cant blame the ‘Hitman’ for preferring to face the legendary Mexican over the game naturalised Australian, but you do wonder why he bothered facing Urango if keeping the belt was never a possibility. And lets be honest here, whether N’Dou or Rabah had won their eliminator, Hatton wouldn’t have opted for either over the money on offer versus Castillo.

It would be churlish to criticise Hatton too much, after all he’s finally getting down to business with a fighter who might actually restore some of the credibility lost since his famous victory over Kostya Tszyu but one wonders how long this publicity charade of justifying mediocre opponents with meaningless belts could continue.

Particularly, as that rule of thumb is ignored when it comes to justifying the WBC belt, held by long-time rival Junior Witter. For now, I’ll extend Hatton a little good will. Castillo, though looking shot last time out, is a significant fixture.

2 thoughts on “Shock News: Hatton Vacates

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  1. Agreed, but the fighters continue to legitimise the belts by using them to justify bouts with opponents way below their own ability.

    An Hatton has been as guilty as anyone of that this past two years.


  2. It was always obvious that Hatton was not going to stop his fight with Castillo for a match against some nobody.
    I hate it how the IBF and other boxing organisations think that they can order big fighters, or any fighters around.
    They are there to serve the boxers, not the other war around!


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