Mike Tyson Heads to Rehab, No, No, No!

Tyson MoneyIn the most predictable storyline since Hugh Grant last accepted a script, boxing’s most infamous son Mike Tyson has reportedly checked into a rehab unit in America. Unconfirmed addictions, but probably including cocaine given Tyson’s recent misdemeanours and police statements, will be treated.

Aged 40, with no discernible career, direction or support network the troubled former champion cuts a tired and forlorn figure. Despite his indiscretions, which are too numerous to list, I hope he finds meaning in his life soon because his failure to cope beyond boxing is a damning, if unfair, reflection on the sport – despite the millions it enabled him to earn.

In these times of media fascination with the failings of stars and celebrities you would presume a TV network somewhere would have hooked Tyson with an Osbourne’s type model, it would be compelling viewing. Given his global profile, syndication would be easy to capture and perhaps it may offer some insight to the wider world in to his present plight.

It is also a shame his potential as a trainer hasn’t been pursued, as some one who learnt from D’Amato and has enjoyed and endured the methods of a host of trainers since he would be well qualified to offer advice to aspiring professionals. As a youngster his love of boxing and its legendary figures; Liston, Dempsey et al was well documented.

I for one think he would add massively to a Heavyweight contender type series. Of course, reliability and remuneration could be a major stumbling block. Tyson is accustomed to high wages and his own way. He remains a compelling story even now, twenty years removed from his prime.


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