Hatton, N’Dou and the IBF

HattonNever the shy retiring type, Lovemore N’Dou has gone public on his frustration at Ricky Hatton’s decision to face Mexican Jose Luis Castillo in June rather than honour his mandatory obligation. N’Dou, who beat countryman Ben Rabah to secure mandated status, is a veteran of the PR game and an irrepressible voice in the Light-Welterweight division.

He now claims Hatton has gone back on his word and is demanding the IBF crown him champion and strip the Hatton of the title he’s twice won in the last two years. N’Dou has certainly been a loyal servant to the body, fighting for their Pan-Pacific titles and being prepared to fulfil all the requests made of him to earn a shot.

Hatton is of course focused on pursuing meaningful fights, financially and in terms of his long-term footprint on the sport and though recent opponents Maussa, Collazo and Urango fall short of the class he claims to want – Castillo fits the profile and talent required to improve Hatton’s standing. N’Dou, for all his heart and courage does not.

I suspect either N’Dou will take the Hatton back hander, and step-aside, or Hatton will relinquish his fourth belt in two years to preserve the Castillo clash. What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. 

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