Tarver or Jones Next for Clinton Woods?

TarverOn whichever criteria IBF Light-Heavyweight champion Clinton Woods’ career is assessed it is impossible not to congratulate his perserverence and willingness to tackle the best the division has to offer. Defending the title he secured beating game young puncher Rico Hoye against challengers as capable and ambitious as Gonzales and Johnson illustrate this zest for genuine competition.

In this era of avoiding fellow contenders he is to be applauded for this willingness.

Now, with one eye on a large pay-day and breaking onto the lucrative American market, reports suggest Woods is negotiating with either Antonio Tarver or Roy Jones – depending on the news site you frequent. In truth, both are well past their prime and there is a case that Tarver’s own prime is in fact little more than hype and extended by timely matchamking with a fading Jones in the first place. Nevertheless, either would represent good business for the likeable Yorkshireman and with Calzaghe stubbornly staying at 168lbs the 34 year old, who has fulfilled every obligation assigned to him by the various sanctioning bodies to whom he’s gravitated, has to pursue the type of remuneration he needs to secure his future elswhere.

Inking the ‘bad-guy’ in the latest Rocky installment would present astute matchmaking too and provide huge extra interest in their prospective bout.

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